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Hi Cammie,
Thank you for allowing us to visit your family.  Both Roy and I were very happy to find your dogs very healthy and very happy.  We were impressed with both the look and the behavior of the dogs and so this confirmed that we had made the right decision for choice of breed and breeder. 
I think it was Madala who confirmed that this breed is the one for me.  He may be old but to me he had unmistakable presence, wisdom, kindness and understanding - I was very impressed with his personality. 
I loved the playful young energy of Jubel and his physical look was very impressive. (Roy is still a little disappointed that we can't have a male just like him). 
Kenya seemed very sweet and had a physical look we also liked.  In fact all your dogs seemed to have very natural happy personalities with a strong physical appearance that reflects all that the breed should be.
Once again thank you for allowing us to visit your home and we look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,




  Our family wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your enthusiasm and tremendous knowledge of this magnificent breed.  We spoke to many different breeders, some good and some not so good, but you were far and away the best.  You truly breed what we see as a perfect family companion.
  Our new "little" girl is better than we could have hoped for with our children and friends.  She is also already showing us a very strong guarding instinct as well, nothing overly aggressive by any means, but just enough to let people know she means business.
   We appreciate the time and effort you put into talking with us and listening to our concerns and needs.  I know the extra attention you gave us allowed you to pair us with the perfect dog to join our family.  Again, I can't tell you how much we appreciate you and your efforts to perpetuate all the admirable qualities the South African Boerboel exemplifies.  We will recommend you to all our family and friends and look forward to buying our next Boerboel from you.  
Best Wishes,
Joe and Hope 






When I decided to get a Boerboel, I did extensive internet research and
spent many hours looking at different breeders. Something always brought
me back to the Select Boerboels website though. I contacted Cammie and
she was more than happy to correspond and answer any questions I had.
When we both agreed that I was prepared, she helped me select a good
match with one of her pups. I ended up choosing one of her older pups at
7 months. It worked out great for me though. Buddy is his name and he
has turned out to be a wonderful and sweet companion for me and my
Rhodesian Ridgeback. We both adore him. He just turned 1 year old and I
look forward to growing with him. He is a beautiful dog with a wonderful
temperament and gets compliments on either of these qualities whenever
we're out and about. Its been a pleasure dealing with Cammie and Select
Rob B.





We love your dogs!

In the beginning it sounded a little strange that you wanted a description of our pack, to see if the puppies we wanted to purchase would fit in.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and we have to agree that you made some wonderful choices on our behalf.
The dogs are healthy, beautiful, strong , loyal and absolutely wonderful with our other dogs and children.
For outsiders they are different, but that is a good thing.





I would rate Cammie as one of the best breeders in USA.

Once I decided to get a Boerboel I started researching all of the breeders in North America.  I must have spoken with at least 10 or so breeders, of which I didn’t get the feeling that they were a true breeder.  When I say a true breeder I mean someone that breeds to improve the Boerboel line not to just breed to make a living.   After days of research I finally came upon Cammie’s web site and really liked what I saw.  After speaking to her about the available puppies I decided on one of her older puppies.  I am so glad to have found her because she has given me and my family the best dog in the world.   This is also my 1st time allowing a breeder to choose a dog for me which I have to say was a little scary for me.  In the past I always selected my dog myself.  So I had to place a great deal of trust in Cammie that she was selecting the right puppy for us. 

Another reason I rate Cammie a top breeder is how available and accessible she is and continues to make sure her dog’s are happy & healthy with their new family.  She has helped us with food management, health questions and general care about our puppy.

I have worked with breeders in the past and I have to say Cammie is truly one of the best out there. 

I will always recommend Cammie to anyone thinking about this breed and I hope, one day to meet her to show her how our puppy has matured.   






Your info was given to be by Cammie from Select Boerboels.
I would like to know if you have about 10 mins to answer a few questions about your experience dealing with her and the quality of her pups. I'm planning in a very near future to obtain a pup from her so the more references I check the better.  

1) How was your overall experience dealing with Cammie? How helpful was she before and after obtaining a pup from her kennel? 

Answer:  I cannot imagine a more competent, caring and honest breeder.  She has been utterly reliable in all aspects of her agreement with me.  She is genuinely concerned about the health and happiness of both owner and dog.  My pup was extremely healthy, strong and alert when she arrived at my home.  In the weeks following the arrival of my new puppy Cammie was readily available to answer questions and was actively involved in the raising of my beautiful girl.  I have received regular emails, phone calls and advice since my purchase.  My dog is an amazing animal.  I could not be more pleased by her beauty, health and temperament.  As all puppies do, my puppy had a veterinary visit from time to time for typical reasons--sick to stomach, hurt paw, worms, etc.; in all cases, Cammie was involved, eager to know the circumstances and ready to assist as needed.  Her knowledge of the breed is expansive and her concern and efforts genuine.   

2) Was Cammie available to answer all of your questions during and after your received the pup? 

Answer:  Please see comments above. 

3) In what condition did the pup arrive? 

 Answer:  As I stated above, my puppy arrived in perfect health.  I was deeply impressed.  I have owned more than a few dogs in my time from what I consider "high-quality breeders," and Cammie's attention to health and training in the early stages of puppyhood has far exceeded those of my previous experiences.   

4) What is the temperament of your BB? 

Answer:  My good friend and neighbor has purchased three young Boerboels from Cammie and I have purchased one.  I have observed all four animals on a frequent basis.  All four have distinct personalities, some are more serious than others.  One is quite playful and silly.  One is mischievous and daring, while another puppy is serious, regal and confident.  And finally, my girl is a bundle of tender sweetness, eager to please me and adoring of little children.  But in all cases, the dogs are even tempered, stable, safe and well balanced.  Furthermore, Cammie was able to predict each dog's personality and skillfully match them to each owner's request.    

5) How well does your BB handles children and strangers (as long they are introduced properly)? 

Answer:  All the Boerboel puppies I mentioned above have been excellent with children.  I cannot say enough about their good temperament.  I have a 3-year old girl and a one-year old girl.  Both love to play with our BB.  Our dog is now 1 year old and loves the attention she receives from our baby girls.  

6) Are you aware of any abnormalities in your dog nervous system? 

Answer:  My dog is a perfect specimen of health and strength.  She has been worth every penny.  I receive endless comments on her health and beauty from all who see her.  The veterinary clinics in the area all know her by name and seem genuinely impressed by her beauty.   

7) Have your dogs hips been tested? If so what were the results? 

Answer:  I have not had her hips checked yet as she is only one year old.  She is extremely athletic and shows no sign of joint failure at this time. 

8) How big is your BB? Weigh and high and how agile? 

Answer:  My BB is identical in both looks and size to her mother, Legion's Bin 2 Heaven.  Although, my dog may be a bit more muscular like her father, Dopper Madala.  When I see pictures of her mother, I feel as if I am looking at my own dog.  The resemblance is remarkable--they are carbon copies.  She is not finished growing yet and her weight is still increasing.  Last I checked, 2 months ago, she weighed 98 lbs.  I prefer to keep her diet on the lean side so her growth will remain slow and steady.  Which I have learned is extremely important with large breed dogs. 


Her agility is astounding.  Mind you, at various times during the puppy stages, she was frustratingly clumsy.  Her growth spurts are done and her physical abilities have come full circle and are quite impressive.  I have a handful of goats that my dog, EZ, watches over and protects during the day while I am at work.  I have a stack of hay bales that sit near the fence.  The stack is at least waist high and 3-4 feet wide.  She jumps over this without thought.  Maybe the height and distances is not great, but she does this with such pinache' that it's very impressive.  She literally leaps like a cat, lands on the other side and saunters away as if it were some simple trick.  It is very impressive looking indeed.     


In summary, I can tell you I paid more for my dog from Cammie than I would have from other breeders.  But I would do so again and again if I were in need of another Boerboel.  Cammie has been as good as her word and her animals are the best.  Large breed dogs can become quite expensive when poorly bred and plagued with health problems.  Your success in a acquiring a healthy, fine tempered animal will be achieved by the choice of breeder from which you purchase your animal.  Choose the correct breeder and spend the extra money and you will reap the benefits of a joyful companion, low veterinary expenses and peace of mind.  Good luck and take care!  







Good evening,
I have nothing to say, but wonderful things about Cammie!

She is a stellar breeder! Her dogs are part of her family and are incorporated into her family's day-to-day life, so they are well-socialized and accustomed to being around people and kids.

After months of research (and interviewing over 20 breeders), Cammie was the best breeder -- for us.

She has always been responsive to questions and is very well-informed about how to care for this exceptional breed; the well-being of her dogs is of paramount concern to Cammie.

My husband and I, having always owned Rotties and shepherds,  are very comfortable with larger breed dogs. (Which should be a consideration in terms of you selecting this breed.)

Odin is much more gentle and "quiet" than my Rottweiler, "Thor," was for example. Odin is sensitive and needs a lot of attention. He is not aggressive with new people at all, in comparison to Thor (now deceased at 13) who was very dominant and protective of me.

We did take the time to drive to Tenn., and saw the meticulous conditions Cammie kept her dogs! We really wanted to "meet" Odin's "parents!" They were also gentle-natured and again, are always around kids, so they were very approachable and balanced.

Odin was in *perfect* health and is exceptionally behaved! He (unlike my female did as a puppy) does NOT tear up our furniture or things; is good with my cats; and I have never heard him growl, even with my other dog. As you may or may not know, they are a stubborn breed, so it is important to provide a structured, consistent environment (you will note, Cammie does follow a very disciplined schedule with her dogs).

Overall, he is exceptionally well behaved, much easier than any other dog I have ever had, and is VERY sweet natured with the cutest expressions!

He is starting to guard our environment much, much more, but is "quiet" about his surveillance strategies! 

I am expecting a child, and so far, Odin has exhibited this "gentle nature" around kids as well.

He is about 110 pounds now (at 8 months).

I have never seen him exhibit ANY anxiety at all, but he is not left alone all day either; Odin gets a lot of attention; and I have another dog, a female. 

For the record, I don't believe in "bad dogs," I believe in "bad owners." These are large dogs who are bred to guard estates, so they need calm, dominate owners who are "around."
(My husband works from home, so Odin is rarely left alone in his kennel and we also do not believe in boarding my dogs, so we travel with them as well!)

I have not had his hips tested, but he is very well proportioned.

I have been very happy with Odin and highly recommend Cammie's Boerboels! She is an exceptional breeder with magnificent dogs!
You will not be disappointed by the physical magnificence and temperament of her dogs.

Best of luck!





Cammie has been extremely thorough from the moment we first spoke.  She asked a ton of questions about my living situation and other dogs, which I am sure is the reason I ended up with such a perfectly matched Boerboel.  I have no doubt that Cammie would refuse to sell a dog in a heartbeat if she did not feel the buyer was a good match for the breed.  That speaks to how much she cares about her program and ALL of the dogs in it. 
She is extremely knowledgeable and has always been available to answer questions since my puppy came home.  My dog's temperament is outstanding and her health is wonderful.  With all of the questionable breeders out there, we are lucky to have Cammie as our resource.  I would never purchase another Boerboel from anywhere else.




Although I had been a lifelong dogowner, I had never owned a Boerboel or anything similar. Instead of urging me headlong into something I might regret, you were very careful in advising me of the commitment and effort required in raising one of these dogs. They definitely can be stubborn and headstrong at times, and you cautioned me in this regard.  I think it takes an extra measure of integrity and honesty to tell a prospective purchased why she/he might NOT want the dog, instead of only those reasons which reinforce one's initial inclination to buy the dog.
 Thanks for a great dog, and for all the advise about feeding, care, etc.




I have been interested in South African Boerboels for the past 8 years.  Due to the needs of the Army I was not in a position to have one until 4 months ago.  Over the past years I have done extensive research for the perfect breeder; two years ago I found Cammie. Her dedication to the betterment of the breed, focus on temperament and health really impressed me. But what sets Cammie apart is her emphasis on socialization; her pack lives with her, her breeding dogs are obedience trained and Canine Good Citizen certified.  While I was deployed in Iraq, Cammie told me that she had a 6 month old puppy she thought would be perfect for my family.  I still had 5 months before I returned home.  Cammie said it was no problem for her to raise and train Riley until I re-deployed. 

Riley is an amazing dog.  He is beautiful, everyone who sees him comments on how impressive he is.  His temperament is very sweet and gentle but he is always on watch and alerts me when he sees something out of place.  He loves his sister, my 3 year old Boxer; they play together all the time.  He instinctively took to my neighbors’ 4 year old daughter.  He paid little attention to the adults and followed the little girl around. He is everything I wanted in a Boerboel.

Select Boerboels are the benchmark for the breed.  Cammie is wonderful to work with and I would recommend her to anyone seriously interested in the breed.

Melanie and Brian
Cricket and Riley



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