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*Name (First and Last)   

*Email address  

*Phone number/s            

*Street address (Optional)            

*City of residence           

*State and Zip code                 

1.      *Are you interested in a Puppy ____ Adolescent ____ or Adult Dog? ____(Check all that apply) 

2.      *Are you seeking a male______   female_______ or either?_______

3. *Do you have a color preference? Fawn_____ Brindle______ Red Brown______ Any_______              

4.     *Would you be interested in a Rescue Dog if one was available that met your needs?
Yes____ No____

5.      *Will this be your first Boerboel? Yes ____ No ____ 

6.      *If yes, have you researched the Boerboel breed? Yes ____ No____ 

7.      *What kind of research was done? Pick all that apply:  Web site Searches  ____ Magazines____ Friends/Family  ____ Breeders ____ Books ____Dog Shows ____ Other______ ____________________________________________________________________________


Household Information:

8.       *Please provide the age of each adult and child currently living in your home.


9.      *Is anyone in your family allergic to pet dander?   Yes ____ No____ 

10.   *How would you describe your family's life style and activity level?

11.   *What type of temperament in a puppy would best suit your family? Why?              

12.   *Do you own or rent your home?              

a.      *If you rent, are you allowed to have a large breed dog?                  

11    *Please describe your yard, fencing and the size.

12    *Would you be willing to have a representative from Select Boerboels visit your home for an interview?  Yes ____ No____      

13    *Is anyone living in the home afraid of large dogs?  Yes ____ No____         

14    *Would the dog be left alone for 40 hours or more a week?  Yes ____ No____ 

15    *Who will be the primary caretaker of the Boerboel?        

16    *Where will the dog be kept when he/she is alone?           

17    *Where will the dog sleep at night?          

18    *Will the dog be allowed in every room of your house?     Yes ____ No____ 

a.      *If no, what rooms are off limits?


19     *Will this Boerboel be kept indoors or outdoors?

20    *Are you informed of the health issues that are problems in the Boerboel breed? 
Yes ____ No____            

21      Are you going to crate-train your puppy? Yes ____ No____ 

22    *What kind of vehicle do you drive?  And would you be willing to purchase a ramp for the Boerboel to use to get in and out of a high vehicle?   (Jumping can be detrimental to a Boerboel's developing joints.)



Other Pets:

23     *Please tell me about the pets you currently own.  What species/breed, male or female, what age, and are they spayed/neutered? 

24    *Please tell me about the pets you have previously owned. What species/breed, male or female, what age they were when you acquired them, were they spayed/neutered, and what became of them?


25    *Your plans for your puppy:

26    *Why have you chosen the Boerboel?     


27    *What experience do you have with large, dominant breed dogs?


28    *How soon do you plan on adding a Boerboel to your family?        


29    *Please explain what you are interested in with a Boerboel: Family Companion, Therapy Visits, Showing in Conformation, Co-Ownership, Breeding, Competing in Obedience, Guardian...?


30    *Will you be enrolling your Boerboel puppy in obedience classes?  Yes ____ No____ 


31    *Boerboels are expensive to feed and care for.  Do you feel like you are in the position to provide adequate veterinary care for a Boerboel?  Also, are you willing to spend the extra money for premium dog foods, raw meaty bones and supplements that are necessary for a growing puppy?



References, communication, etc.:

32     *Are you willing to provide the breeder with regular updates on the health and well-being of the Boerboel, and are you willing to provide updated pictures to the breeder for the life of the Boerboel?  Yes ____ No____ 


*Please give names, addresses and phone numbers of 3 references, with one of those references being your current veterinarian.



Please notify your vet that we will be contacting them so that they may give us the necessary information to determine your suitability to own a Boerboel.





We would like to give you the opportunity to ask us questions or tell us more about yourself and your family. The more the better!














Please copy and paste your completed Puppy Form onto an email and submit to us

We look forward to hearing from you, Thank you.
Cammie and Team
Select Boerboels


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