South African Boerboels

Lives with Tara & Derrick
 in Tennessee


Hey Cammie!
   I was just sitting here tonight thinking about how much I love Tip and how great she is with me and wanted to let you know.
For the first few months after Tip came to us, she *refused* to get into the car, any car, and go places with me.  It broke my heart a bit because I had envisioned her going places with me just to "hang out", but I didn't want to force her into it, so I let her decide
if she got to go with Mom or not. Then one day a few months back, I walked out to the car to go to the store.  Tip was right on my heels, as always, and went right up to the car with me. I just knew she wanted to go, so I opened the back hatch of my SUV and in she jumped!!!  From that day, she wants to go everywhere with me!!!!!

She is such a WONDERFUL dog!  Loving, yet protective.  Playful, yet laid-back.  If I'm tired, she sleeps with me.  If I want to go for a walk, she's super excited.
My husband has gone on a hunting trip, so Tip shares the bed with me. 
She laid there with me so very peacefully until I got up this morning.  She was so happy to just lay and snuggle with Mom. When Derrick is gone, Tip makes extra certain that she is on top of any strange noises or anything.  She wants to go out and play with the other dogs every once in a while, but before too long she wants to come back inside and be with her girl, ME.
She makes certain she always knows where I am and that I'm safe.  I know it's more than just the protective instinct within
the breed for her; she loves us and will make sure nobody hurts her family. I can see the adoration she has for us whenever I walk over to her.  She just melts in her sweet little eyes.  Of course, I'm sure she can see me just melt in my own eyes!! She is one of the best companions I could have ever wished for.  I am never lonely with her here!!  THANKS so much Cammie for my wonderful girl Tippy and all the work you did with her!!  I can tell she was loved and taken
excellent care of before coming to me - she is my best Girlfriend ;)
God Bless you and yours always,
Tara and Tippy




lives with Marcella, Gordon
& family in Canada




Hi again Cammie, 

We just wanted to say Thank you for our girl "Moosie" Angel....She is such an incredible young lady and continues to impress us with all of her antics on a daily basis!

  There has not been one single person which has met her that has NOT completely fallen in love with her!  I must say Cammie that I was very specific with what I was hoping to find within our next boerboel, and the fact that you were able to pick this puppy that completely fit the bill in every way possible is an amazing thing! 
Then when we came to pick Angel up and visit with your family in Tennessee, we walked away from that whole situation even moreso impressed with everything that encompass' you, your family, and your business Select Boerboels!  We were able to take away so much from that one visit to last a lifetime, and we are ever so Thankful for that!
Again Cammie..... Thank you! ........ Thank you for our "Moosie Girl", she has more than fit right into our hearts, lifes, and kennel.... you definately went the extra mile as usual!!!
Gordon & Marcella Burgess
Proudfoot Kennels


 lives with Ricardo & family
 in California







Hi Cammie,
Maximus is doing very well
 he is exploring his new surroundings.
He has a fondness for slippers. I hope he grows out of it. I just want to take the
opportunity to thanks you, my family is very happy with our new addition to the family.

I will be introducing him to my grand kids this weekend. Maximus
is doing fine and growing:) thanks again.



 Clark Kent
 lives with Tiffany, Rene & Lance
in Florida














This is Rene and Tiffany, we got Clark from you about two years ago. He is the son of Dopper Madala and Legion's bin 2 Heaven (December 10th 2005 litter).  He has been an absolute angel, easily one of the best dogs we have ever owned. So much so, that my parents were doggy sitting over the holiday and asked to keep him (to which we replied with a stern no).

Clark is very well tempered and others who know of Boerboels remark at how well he is around other dogs even though he is intact. He allows our friends
to enter without hesitation, but barks immediately if a noise is heard at night that is out of the ordinary. If outside and someone rides by on a bicycle, he runs to my wife, places himself in between her and the bicycler, and lets them know of his disapproval. When around small dogs or children, he lowers his body and activity level to accommodate for their size. He can rough house with me and cuddle with my wife inside a minute and knows where his boundaries lay. He was easy to train (partially because of his lower activity level) and knows his place in our house (his status in the "pack"). All-in-all he is an outstanding dog and we are absolutely in love with him. 

To summarize, Clark is doing great and we are extremely pleased.

Lives with Emily
 in North Carolina











Cammie and Family,


Iím going to try to squeeze all my bragging about Liesel into a manageable read, but itís going to be hard!  After all of my research in search of a farm guardian, I settled on the Boerboel with eyes wide open.  I was ready for a challenge, but Cammie, sheís perfect! I hardly have to correct her at all.  At the young age of 9 months, she was already ready to stay loose on the property during the day and she has been a dream. 

 She doesnít fuss at the horses, and is gentle with her two baby Boer goats.  The most amazing thing is that she can be hundreds of yards away, on alert and barking at something, and she comes right back when I call her.  Her temperament is impeccable.  We go to PetSmart, to a friendís for the weekend, into my office, and she is the exact same dog everywhere we go.                   

 Her eagerness for obedience work grows all the time, and she is an angel in the house.  Thank you so, so much for picking her out for me, I canít imagine life without her.






 lives with Lucy and family
 in Florida






When our family made the decision to get a Boerboel puppy our research led us to you. Tequila is 8 months now with the happy disposition of a 90lb puppy.  She loves to steal my kitchen dish towels and clean folded clothes. Any socks found laying around are at risk of being used as a tug toy or tossed up in the air.  Tequila not only looks gorgeous, but she is also very smart.  She learned the basic commands before she was 3 months.  Living in South Florida, she is bilingual like most locals  and knows commands in English and Spanish :-)  She is doing great in Obedience training and her trainer has recommended we take her all the way through CGC.  She is also true to the breed and lets you know when she's had enough training for one day.  

Tequila shows me her devotion by following me everywhere I go.  She loves my husband just as much as she greets him every time as if he had been gone for months.  From the beginning, Tequila intuitively knew to treat my 5 year old son very gently and now that they are at the same eye level she loves to give him kisses.  Although, there is no doubt that Tequila loves us all unconditionally, she has developed a very strong bond with my 14 year old son.  I have no doubt that the bond will get stronger as they continue to grow together.
Thank you for a great match
Lucy, Rob, Nick, Zachary


 lives with Naomi
in New York



Hi Cammie,
Hazel surpasses all of my expectations.  I love her enormously.  She is incredibly good natured.  She loves children and other dogs.  She aced her obedience class.  And, she's thriving here in New York.

Attached are a few pictures of her at Shea stadium on Dog Night -- I think she must have been around 7 months when the photos were taken.  We were the only Phillies fans in the bleachers (and Phillies won!). 
I promise to keep you updated on her adventures. 








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