In Loving Memory of "Sarah Sue City"
July 22, 2002 to Sept. 28, 2004


South African Boerboels


Sarah was a little over 2 years old and had severe hip dysplasia. It
was managed for over the last year with pain meds. It finally got to the
point where pain meds made no difference. She stopped playing with the
other dogs because of the pain and it got to where she had a hard time
getting up. I was amazed at how rapidly she worsened over
 the last year. A little background on Sarah and me. I had been working away
 from home the last 18 months and she was with me during that time. My
job sites were a great place for her to run and explore which she did and loved.
She loved to travel and had been all over the U.S. with me. We became
very close and developed a bond with each other like I have never had with
any animal before. My heart aches to lose this DEAR friend. I thank God for
giving me the privilege to know her for the short time I did.



      Sarah was the Alpha female of our Boerboels.  She wouldn't have it any other
way, even though our other female is bigger and stronger. Sarah could take her
to the ground with just a look. She was excellent around our children
and had very strong protective and guarding instincts around the family and
home. Exactly what she was bred to do! She was very smart and very
 easy to train.  Sarah's personality was rich and well rounded.  She was an excellent Boerboel and very beautiful as you can see :-)
She was one of a kind and we love her very much.   Sarah was truly a gift to us
and as my aunt so eloquently put it,

 "Sarah brought immeasurable  joy to our lives"     








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