South African Boerboels







109.5 lbs


23 inches

Hips PennHIP


Elbows OFA

Prelim Good Negative for elbow dysplasia

Ectropion/Entropion Clear

Vaginal Prolapse


Allergies No Known Allergies





Bella Dolce aka Bella is the absolute sweetest female we have! She truly lives up to the translation of her name from Italian, meaning “Beautiful Sweet”.

Bella is a magnificent Boerboel; she is smaller in size and well put together with a compact agile body.  Her movement is smooth and graceful. It is a pleasure to watch her run the yard; she has speed and confidence in her stride. Her muscle definition is complimentary to her build, making her a strong Boerboel without the overly masculine look.

Bella has a beautiful coat. Her brindle markings are a rich deep color. Her coat texture is silky soft, as a pup we joked she was the
"Velveteen Rabbit."
She is a beautiful representation of brindle.

Bella has a wonderful temperament, very sweet and loving to us (her family), and cautious but friendly to welcomed strangers. She will parole the property, and will alert to any possible threats or concerns that catch her attention. Bella is the first to crawl up in your lap for a cuddle session if you let her. She is very attentive to her “people”, always willing to please; Bella just wants to be near you.

We are very excited about what Bella will bring to our breeding program, and are expecting wonderful things from her! We hope she carries her pleasing temperament and beautiful, healthy statue to her offspring and the next generation here at Select Boerboels.




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