South African Boerboels






Red Fawn


109.5 lbs


24 inches

Hips OFA

Prelim Good
Good Hip Joint Conformation

Elbows OFA

Prelim Good Negative for elbow dysplasia

Ectropion/Entropion Clear

Vaginal Prolapse


Allergies No Known Allergies









Carrera is a very nice package of looks, power, agility, companionship and guardianship.

Select Carrera is a beautiful female Boerboel!

She is playful and fun-loving with the family, always the one to sniff out the best toys, and has good amount of play drive. When it comes to protecting her family, she is serious in her demeanor and demonstrated a true guardian nature.   She is all business when strangers are around keeping a close eye on the safety of her family.
Carrera is an excellent family companion, always keeping in close proximity to the family.  She does not wander far, only enough to patrol the perimeter of the upper yard and then back to the family.
Carrera has a good amount of energy and is very agile and fluent in her movement.  When she is outside running around, it is common to see her bounding over bushes, clearing the stairs to jump up on the deck, darting and zig-zagging around the various trees and shrubs on our property.  When she is out playing with the other dogs, she is often faster and can out maneuver if she has a mind to.
Carrera is not only BEAUTIFUL but sound in conformation and health. We are extremely excited to introduce her into our breeding program.



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            OFA:  Good
            E-E: Clear
            VP: N/A
            Brucellosis: Neg


/ Dam:
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             OFA:  Good

            VP: None
             E-E: Clear
             Brucellosis: Neg












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